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I miss the gypsies, I mean “Irish Travelers”

16 Jun

I mean I miss them something serious. If you know me IRL (in real life, get with it people) you know I am pretty psychotically obsessed with this sub culture. I mean what is there not to love? They have big hair, crazy ass customs, they speak their own language, AND they don’t generally talk to or associate with outsiders. I took this as a challenge.\

But it is no fun to stalk the gypsies on Facebook or even talk with them because I know they are 8 hours away. I mean what good is it to know that they are going looping tonight and Farrah got a mag new dress if I can’t drive down Augusta Hwy to see this all for myself. Farrah is my favorite “Irish Traveler” btw. They do NOT like to be called gypsies.

I think I am missing them so much that I have become delusional. Last night I went to my cousin’s dance recital and I thought I saw an irish traveler, sadly she is just a hottie with big hair. SO SAD for me.

I need to find a subculture down here to infiltrate and obsess over. I will be on the look out.. Let me know if you have any brilliant ideas.