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Tattoos, Piercings, & Hello Kitty

3 May Confessions of a Gemini


Recently my BFF, Leigh, reminded me of a little memory that is somewhat hysterical and also prompted this blog post.

In college, I BRIEFLY, and I mean briefly thought about getting a tattoo of Hello Kitty on the top of my boob (my left one because that is the good one) so when I wear low cut shirts (which is basically everyday of my life) I could joke and say “Hello Titty” – now OBVIOUSLY I didn’t do this. That is ridiculous. I mean I couldn’t really skip through life with a tattoo of a fictional cat on my breast. I am SO glad I didn’t go through with it.

And sometimes I say things or say that I am going to do things just because it is funny or I am being overly dramatic (Gemini trait). This was probably one of those times, because I don’t have any tattoos inappropriate or otherwise.

But after laughing my ass off about this little memory with my bestie, I got to thinking about how many things I thought I wanted to do in my youth that I am so glad I didn’t go through with. There are tons of them. Some of them are more embarrassing and inappropriate than the hello titty tattoo so we won’t even go there.

But basically I am really glad I had sort of strict parents who put the fear of God in me, or else who knows where I would have ended up.