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Beauty Diaries

16 May

When I opened my mailbox the other day I got my favorite surprise… my Birchbox! I was pretty happy with this month’s selection… here is what I got:

1. Cargo Lip Gloss in Sunset Blvd.
I am always thrilled when I get makeup in my Birchbox especially when they send me a full size product. Cargo is a brand I am vaguely familiar with. Sunset Blvd is a pretty light peachy shade which compliments my fair skin. The lip gloss has a great texture and pleasant smell. The product is $14 in the Birchbox store which means that I got my money’s worth out of this box (Each box is $10)

Cargo Lip Gloss Sunset Blvd from my May 2013 Birchbox

2. Pilot Corporation of America Acroball Purewhite
I was a little confused and kind of annoyed to receive this in my Birchbox. It is a standard pen but with pink ink. Next time send me makeup. The pen sells in the Birchbox store for $6.24 (4-pack). I wrote on the card stock it came with and obviously it doesn’t write well on card stock!

2. Pilot Corporation of America Acroball Purewhite

3. Amika Obliphica Hair Treatment
I have been eyeing this sample for quite a while and I was thrilled to see it had finally made its way into my box. I have been looking for a product that could protect my hair while taming frizz and creating a sleek look, especially after straightening and Amika’s hair treatment is perfect! I have very oily hair and the serum didn’t make my hair look greasy or messy, instead it tamed my fly-aways and left a great scent behind. This is definitely on my must purchase list. The full size costs $34.00 and is 3.38 fl oz. They gave me a rather large sample (although not full size) that should last me a couple of weeks. Yay!


Amika Obliphica Hair Treatment Hair after using  Amika Obliphica Hair Treatment  in May 2013 Birchbox









4. Coola Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer
At first I was kind of annoyed that I had received sunscreen in my Birchbox.. but once I realized it was a moisturizer I was a lot more excited to try this sample. I like that it has a higher SPF than my foundation because I have fair skin and need a lot of protection from the sun. I was also very happy with the smell and the fact that it absorbed completely into my skin without any residue or excessive rubbing needed. The full size 1.7 fl oz bottle is $32 and they gave me a sample that should last me about a week or two.

Coola Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face May 2013 Birchbox

5. Isaac Mizrahi FABULOUS Eau de Parfum
This smells delicious & very citrusy, which I like. I have been getting a lot of perfume samples lately and I would much prefer makeup samples, so I updated my Birchbox preferences in hopes I will get more makeup next time.They gave me a standard perfume sample size and in the store they sell the .34 fl oz rollerball & 1.7fl oz perfume for $69.

Isaac Mizrahi FABULOUS Eau de Parfum May 2013 Birchbox

Overall I was very happy with my Birchbox this month. If you are interested in purchasing a monthly Birchbox for $10 a month click here: https://www.birchbox.com?raf=fc3p4

What did you receive in your Birchbox this month?

Confessions of a Gemini


Tiny Tweaks, Big Results: April 2013 Birchbox Reveal

30 Apr

Birchbox is a monthly beauty and lifestyle subscription box. I love Birchbox because it is a great way to sample new products, but I also love it because they have a point system that is hard to beat. You receive 10 points for reviewing products in your monthly Birchbox, 50 points for referring new members, and for every $1.00 spent you earn 1 point. Each 100 reward points can be redeemed for $10 off of an order. I have been a member for 8 months and have always had a huge discount when I purchase items from the store!

If you are interested in purchasing a becoming a member (which I highly recommend) you can click here: https://www.birchbox.com?raf=fc3p4

For the month of April Birchbox teamed up with Women’s Health for the theme “tiny tweaks, big results.”

My April 2013 box included:


Weleda Body Lotion 

Weleda Body Lotion

They gave me three small packets of the lotion– Wild Rose, Sea Buckhorn, & Pomegranate. This lotion smells heavenly (especially the pomegranate) and left my skin silky smooth. I like that it wasn’t as thick as most lotions, but it still left my skin moisturized and smooth. The full size product is $16.50 and that is basically the reason why I will be passing on purchasing the full size product. 

Youngblood Anti-Shine Mattifier

Youngblood Anti-Shine Mattifier

This balm formula is supposed to keep “oil in check” and “up your makeup’s staying power”. They gave me a very small sample with no lid. I didn’t see much of a difference when using this product. I don’t have very oily skin (even in the dead heat of summer) so maybe that is why this product didn’t work for me. I also really hated the presentation of the sample. It had no lid and so it had to stay in the cardboard box which takes up a lot of space in my makeup bag. The full size product is $36.00. I am also not really interested in purchasing this product. 

StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate

StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate

StriVectin and I go way back. I was introduced to this amazing line of products when I worked at a flagship Bath and Body Works Store in college. It really does work wonders, eliminating the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness! The sample I received was fairly small but will last a few weeks. The full size is $65, but it works so I think it is well worth the price tag! 

Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir 

Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir

This product is supposed to give you healthier younger looking hair in just one week. I have long very thick hair and felt that I didn’t see much of a difference with this product. I wonder if I needed more of the sample to see the results. The full size is $20.99 and I probably won’t purchase. 

Skin&Co Bagnodoccia Body Gel

Skin&Co Bagnodoccia Body Gel

This body gel is made specifically for sensitive skin and is made from olive oil. I wasn’t thrilled with the scent of this body wash, but I did like that it was gentle on my sensitive skin. The full size product is $17.50, and that is precisely why I won’t be purchasing this product.

As you can see I had a pretty sad little Birchbox this past month… the only redeeming quality was that we received a one year subscription to Women’s Health which was worth $9.99 which basically means this box paid for itself. I hope I get more makeup samples in my next Birchbox!