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Silver Lining

9 Apr


My experiences in Florida taught me a lot about myself and the person I am. I was afraid that my confidence might have been permanently marred after my two job experiences in FLA. But really all I needed was a few weeks away and some love from my husband, family, and friends to realize it really wasn’t me …it was them.

I learned so much in Florida from my work experiences that I have created an incredible list of the top 5 ways you can be an awesome boss:

1.    Don’t talk down to the people that work for you. First and foremost you hired them, so obviously they aren’t complete idiots. Secondly, if you talk to people like they are idiots they will start to resent you, then they will stop caring about their work (it will never be good enough for you anyway)and if you treat most of your employees this way eventually you will have full on mutiny in the workplace. Bitches will go crazy and start sabotaging you and your office. Women are sneaky. You might not even know what is going on, but it is happening, and one day you will be at a dog park and you will see a sign with your number on it that says: Having a bad day? Call me because I am an asshole and I deserve it! And by that time it is too late. Everyone in your city knows you are an asshole. AND who knows what else they have done that you don’t know about! (All of this is hypothetical by the way, if you know me I have a HUGE imagination) BUT THIS COULD HAPPEN SO TAKE IT SERIOUSLY Y’ALL!

2.    Don’t micromanage. As mentioned above you hired these people. They obviously were qualified for the job or else you wouldn’t have hired them. Now I totally get that some form of training has to occur, but after the guidelines have been set forth LET IT GO. Eventually micromanaging will take its toll, and people will either quit or just stop giving a shit about their job.

3.    Speaking of training. My third rule of thumb is to train your new employee. Sounds like a pretty standard request right? Obviously not. If you have a particular way of wanting something done you have to TRAIN someone how to do it that way. People are not mind readers. You can’t tell someone you don’t have the time to teach them or tell them to figure it out on their own and then get mad if things aren’t done the way you would have done them. This makes you seem CRAZY. Which brings me to my next point…

4.    There are many different ways to accomplish tasks. I know that sounds weird, but let me explain. Everyone works in different ways. I for one am someone who likes to make lists. Sometimes I write things down multiple times because it helps me remember things. I prefer email to phone calls. I also do not like paper. I like having my files electronically organized. These are just a few of my quirks, but I find these things help me work more efficiently. These things help me do my job BETTER. There is nothing wrong with that. Just like there is nothing wrong with someone who prefers paper or someone who likes to use sticky notes instead of a note pad. The bottom line is, everyone works differently and a good manager knows this and respects the differences of their employees.

5.    If you have a high turn over rate in your company it is probably your own fault. What is a high turnover rate? I would say you should disclose that you have a high turnover rate if you have had more than 3 people attempt to fill a position in the past 1-2 years and you DEFINITELY have a high turn over rate if people rarely stay at your company longer than 3 months. If that many people are going through your doors you probably aren’t being very nice to your employees. You MIGHT not be a very nice person in general. And you definitely should look inward at your personality and management style. In some cases therapy might be needed. You probably don’t even realize that people don’t really like you.

I totally found the silver-lining y’all. Florida taught me how to be an awesome boss! Do you have any tips I have missed? Please DO share below in the comments 🙂



Nine Months

8 Apr

Hello my loves. I took an unintentional break from writing and an unintentional dip into the depths of depression. (Being a little melodramatic here I know but I AM a Gemini!) Anyway…

The last time I wrote I was living in the sunny state of Florida, enjoying the adventure of a new city with my husband, but trapped in a job I hated with a boss who seemed like the devil himself (maybe not the devil but definitely a huge sociopath) I was desperate to get out and I took the first opportunity to jump ship. And I am here to tell you that the grass is not always greener on the other side. I ended up being just as unhappy at my new job as I was at my old job for many of the same reasons. I still was enjoying the time with my husband and the adventure of a new city, but it was so hard to deal with the fact I left a job I loved, and a job where I was truly appreciated and valued for one  two where nothing I did was ever good enough.

Then in January my husband’s job situation changed and I became our sole source of income. I felt incredibly trapped and downright sad.  I prayed so hard these past few months for a change or at least a sign that we hadn’t made a mistake. After all I did leave a lot behind.

My husband started seeking out new job opportunities and I was thankful when he started looking outside of Florida. He was very supportive of what I was going through in my career, but this point after being beaten down for 9 long months I felt very confused about my career path and unsure of myself and my abilities as an event planner. My confidence was gone.

I tried to make the best of my situation. I would run during my lunch break, sometimes listening to music and sometimes listening to the stations of the cross or the rosary. I would ask God to give me strength, endurance and above all a sign of what my husband and I should do next.

All of the running paid off and I accomplished my goal of running my first 5k in early March. I was and still am incredibly proud of myself. I am a HUGE quitter when it comes to exercise. Generally my patterns is go to the gym for a few weeks and then convince myself it is more interesting to get Dairy Queen and visit my Gypsies.  Anyways I am STILL very proud of myself for running 3.2 miles.

Finally in March some things fell into place and Hollis left to work for his father in Raleigh, North Carolina. We talked over the options and this opportunity provided me the option of coming back to Augusta while he worked in Raleigh and looked for a more permanent solution to his job situation. I can’t tell you how thankful I am of his hard work. He works long hours right now six-days a week doing manual labor, and he is doing it for the future of our family. I am truly blessed!

We are unsure of where we will end up permanently, but in the mean time I am enjoying spending time with my family and visiting with my Augusta friends.  Augusta is also only a few hours away from Raleigh so I am able to leave the dogs with my parents occasionally to go up and spend quality time with Hollis.

Right now, I am working on my own small business plan for my online marketing and social media venture. I also plan to pick up where I left off blogging and make it more of a priority in my life.


My Glass is Half Full

18 Jul

I have been totally slacking on my blogging and starting today I am going to make a better effort to make time to update.

I also have been struggling with how to talk about my new job. I want to be honest (this is MY blog right?) but I wouldn’t want any repercussions because I am careless with my words. Lets just say this isn’t my dream job – by any stretch of the imagination – but it does challenge me in ways I haven’t been challenged before. I am learning about finance and that is completely out of my comfort zone. Also I think this job has really tested my inner strength. I will say that my four years at the Arts Council must have toughened me up a bit, because I found myself in situations that four years ago would have reduced me to tears, and now I take it all in stride.

Earlier today while talking to a girl in my office who is getting ready for her wedding this weekend, I reflected on my own wedding weekend. I thought about the small hiccups and stresses that could have “ruined” my day, but instead I was determined not to let anything or anyone effect my mood and my ability to have the perfect wedding. I thought this is something I can apply to my everyday life. No one can make me unhappy or put me in a bad mood because I am in control of my own emotions. If I let someone “get” to me it is my own choice.

I am really trying to look at this job as a positive experience. I am becoming well rounded in my skills and I am learning to deal with different management styles. This job forces me to be hyper vigilant in my organization and attention to detail, which is a super positive attribute to have.

In addition, as I have mentioned before, I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason and that God wouldn’t put you in a situation you couldn’t handle. If this is God’s plan for me there must be a reason and I am determined to find out what it is. And so I am leaving this in his hands, putting a smile on my face, and facing each day at my new job with a positive attitude (that HOPEFULLY is contagious!)


No Longer a “House Wife”

3 Jul

I got the call yesterday, the call I have been waiting for since the end of March when I found out we were moving… I have a job… and I start Monday. I am one big ball of emotion right now, happy, excited, but also terrified and anxious. I have been waiting for this for so long and now that I have it I am second guessing myself. Is this the right job for me? Are my co-workers nice? Will I be able to handle the pressure?

My new job will be significantly different than the job I had at the Greater Augusta Arts Council it will be less creative and more corporate, a large portion of my responsibility will be account management… but I will get to use my creativity in other ways with the social media portion of my job… and I keep reminding myself I wanted a job like this. Regardless this is a huge change for me… and I think it is only natural that I have some feelings of anxiousness.

I am a huge believer that all things happen for a reason so I have faith that this IS the right job for me and that something wonderful will come of it.

I am trying to enjoy my last week of being a “house wife” by gorging myself with reality TV (guilty guilty pleasure.. what am I saying.. I am SO not feeling guilty), taking advantage of our pool, and the fact that I have the pups to myself all day. Poor pups, they won’t know what hit them come Monday when I am gone for a whole 9 hours. Well I am off to enjoy the sunshine and freedom of not having to worry about finding a job 24/7…