10 Reasons Why I am Obsessed with the Irish Travelers of Murphy Village

26 Apr

Reasons why I have an unhealthy obsessions with the Irish Travelers of Murphy Village.

1. They have the BEST names, especially the newer baby gypsies: Spain, Onasis, Paris, Minka, and the list goes on and on.

2. They throw parties for literally EVERYTHING… gypsies don’t just throw down for baby showers, weddings, and birthdays they celebrate new cars, new houses, and everything in between!

3. Speaking of parties they get dressed to the NINES for just about any occasion. I am talking three gallons of hairspray, lipstick, and glitter everywhere.

4. They love to shake it. These ladies are dancing machines. Some may call it inappropriate for a four year old to dance to Hit me Baby One More time but I call it timeless.

5. They speak their own language (sort of) . How cool is that?  I want to be fluent in Irish Traveler language…. it’s my next big goal.

6. They are exclusive. You won’t see a gypsy talking to a non-gypsy unless they are serving them. These bitches don’t just befriend anyone and that is exactly why I NEED to make friends with them. Scratch that last goal. THIS IS MY NEW GOAL.

7. They have unique customs. Irish Travelers are all about being original… and so am I! We are a match made in heaven….


8. They might be obsessed with social media more than I am… I mean the toddlers have their own Facebook pages… obv they are manned by the moms unless they are super geniuses which is also a possibility.

9. Glitter, Bling, Diamonds, Sparkles… They can’t get enough and neither can I!

10. Have I mentioned the dance routines? I am talking full on red carpets, stages and lighting outside of their houses for these performances. They are so mag it is unreal.

Now you know why I am the traveler’s biggest fan! Stay tuned for more gypsy encounters and adventures!



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