Okay I am going to get all sappy on you – brace yourself.

21 Jun

When we were given our move day of June 1st I sort of cringed. 20 days before my 26th birthday. Woof.

I am pretty much used to spending my birthday laying on Edisto Beach in a drunken stupor, ordering copious amounts of pizza (getting it “delivered” to the beach), followed by birthday shots and dancing ON the bar at Coots. Classy I know. But that is how I roll and that is what I love, what can I say.

Honestly the thought of spending my birthday away from the typical debauchery I am used to made me want to throw myself off of the Sky Way Bridge. I had convinced myself that everyone would forget about me… stupid I know… but everyone has a pity party every now and then right?

Well you people sure know how to prove a girl wrong. I was floored by how loved I felt yesterday. It was one of my best birthdays and I really love all you bitches.

My amazing day was topped off my the most delicious four course dinner at Melting Pot (I don’t think I will eat for a week), a card that made me sob my eyes out, and a beautiful bromelaid ( I am so not a rose kinda girl fyi) compliments of my thoughtful husband. PLUS this weekend he is taking me to the zoo, which is really icing on the top of the cake because my Aunt Tiffany and her gorgeous amazing kids took me to Busch gardens with them Tuesday for my birthday so I am getting two animal experiences in one week… and I love animals.

So thanks for making me feel special and loved it means more than you could know!



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