First Post

16 Jun

I haven’t really had a personal blog which I committed myself to since probably freshman year of college when “Live Journal” was the next big thing, mostly because I haven’t had the time and secondly because I’ve didn’t know what to write about. Recently I picked up my things and moved with my husband 8 ½ hours away from my hometown – all of my friends, immediate family, and a career I loved immensely… and lately I have felt like maybe I do have a relevant voice… maybe the path I am on right now is something people might be interested in hearing… after all I am in my mid-20s still trying to figure out who I am, unemployed during a huge recession, and I am completely out of my comfort zone.. but before you subscribe to my blog I want to forewarn you I plan on being completely and utterly unfiltered in my approach to this blog. If you know me and know me well in “real life” you already know this is how I am generally speaking.

This will basically be my candid reaction to my life and the world around me. I hope you find it interesting. I hope that the people I love back home but can’t talk to every day can read this and see what is going on with me… and I hope that maybe I can make some new friends in St. Petersburg through this new venture.



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